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VENDOR #  1002462

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Our Mission.

Jax Mechanical is A family owned business Servicing San Diego California. With a vision of providing exceptional boiler / water heater service to San Diego and all surrounding area's of all Residential and Commercial Boiler, Steam, Water heating, and Pool heating applications . Here at Jax Mechanical, our culture strives to be exceptional to our clients needs to mold to each and every one of their needs and desired outcome.  Not only to provide the top expectation when it comes customer service. Yet to make sure that our customer feel educated per application needs so they can make informed decisions on what will work best to meet their water heating goals. To continue to keep our area innovative, and up to date with Californians codes and regulations of safety. To continue to help with higher efficiency and lower bottom line cost .

Our Solution.

Jax Mechanical is dedicated to following the industries leading technology, and constantly bettering ourselves through innovative systems to meet ever last one of our clients needs for their hot water systems. In a forever changing field our Techs are  provided with both class and hands on, in field training to make sure each and ever last one of them is up to date with the most recent equipment necessary to provide the best water heating, and boiler service possible!

Our Services.

Jax Mechanical's expertise is localized in the following areas for all residential and commercial applications. 

  • Boilers ( water heating/ steam) 

  • Low/High-pressure vessels 

  • Water heaters

  • steam generators

  • pool heaters

  • Domestic and hydronic heating ( closed-loop) systems.

  • Piping and insulation 

  • Holding tanks ( storage tanks)

  • Tankless water heaters and boilers

  • Service, repair, and installation

  • annual Preventative maintenance 

  • Temp controls

  • Expansion tanks

  • radiant heating systems

  • perimeter heating systems

  • solar water heating systems.

  • nursery heating systems.

  • gas heating systems.

  • pipe repairs and retrofit ( water, gas, and venting.

  • Venting.

  • recirculating pumps.

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