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Jax Mechanical is A family-owned business founded in 2018 By Michael Butler who has 12 years experience specializing in the boiler, water heater, and steam fitting systems. With a vision of providing exceptional service to San Diego and all surrounding areas of all Residential and Commercial applications. Providing solutions for all your hot water systems, professionally and in a timely matter. 

Our Mission.


To create a culture within our company that extends beyond our shop doors of honest and quality workmanship that each an every one of our team members and customers can stand behind. To make sure that we always find the true and proper solution for the customer's needs and not just putting temporary bandaids on the problem. To be professional and informative to the customers so they understand the diagnosis during troubleshooting and feel comfortable with the solution.  We do not work on commissions so the customer will never have to feel like they're being swindled into an unnecessary upsell. All recommendations are honest and true to bettering the quality of their systems.  

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